Marriage of Jean-Pierre and Nathalie Marquay Pernaut

slc-wedding-photographers-FP-Alex_Josh-0002_3 copy--3It is under the rainfall and a few light of sunshine that took spot the wedding of Jean-Pierre and Nathalie Marquay Pernaut, dont we say, marriage rainy, happy marriage? Jean-Pierre Pernaut, 57, invested the

ring finger Nathalie Marquay, 40, the mother of his 2 youngest children , Lou, various as well as a half years and Tom, 3 years. Saturday, June 23, 2007, the presenter of 13h TF1 , Jean-Pierre Pernaut and former Miss France, Nathalie Marquay hitched civilly the gran of Louveciennes inside the section of Yvelines , religiously Lutheran Church of Billets in Paris – The wedding was celebrated among pals and people during the Château de Chantilly . Among the visitors were the essential news, Elodie Gossuin , former Miss France and previous Miss Europe , Jean-Luc Reichmann, Evelyne Dhéliat, Jean-Claude Narcy, Cauet , Veronika Loubry, Raphaelle Ricci, Bernard Montiel, the abbot of the Morandais, Rika Zarai, comedian Maxime, the pilot automotive Olivier Panis, Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy, wedding is extended well into the evening, with choreography Equestrian Residing Museum of the Horse ” the silk road “and breathtaking fireworks . Earlier this day, the debate started, that the press people charged Jean-Pierre Pernaut have sold photographs of her wedding on to a magazine EUR 340000. An extravagant account categorically denies Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The few must when again lodge a complaint up against the tabloids. Prosecuting catalogs that talk about confidentiality without your permission, it can pay big dividends for individuals . In fact, the mag Capital, possess published the positioning of the most compensated for the year 2006, these figures were given by transplants courts of first instance according to Capital. Topped the list, there are certainly a couple Pernaut Jean-Pierre and Nathalie Marquay with 526,500 euros, ahead of the Grimaldi family with 440,800 euros, Jenifer with 145,000 euros . In this classification are additionally Ménibus Cecilia , Claire Chazal , partners Bruel , Zinedine Zidane . As soon as you think, is it better to be Mr. and Mrs. everyone for a successful wedding in peace and tranquility. The history is good, though it is noticeable, it leaves almost no bedroom for confidentiality . The media and gossip lower floors must, after some time, become really heavy throughout the lives of families of all of the these those who are regularly hounded by reporters , the photographers for a yes or no .